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 Country Home 

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001_Cottage Tea

01_A Fruitful Welcome

01_A Wish for My Home

01_Folk Hearts and Flowers Sampler

01_My Happy Home

02_A Country Home Sampler

02-A Little Bit of Country

03_The Comforts of Home

1-1-Fanciful Flowers_ALSTROEMERIA

1-2-Fanciful Flowers_BERGENIA

1-3-Fanciful Flowers_CALLA LILY

1-4-Fanciful Flowers_DICENTRA

1-5-Fanciful Flowers_ECHINACEA

1-6-Fanciful Flowers_FOXGLOVE

1-7-Fanciful Flowers_GALANTHUS

1-8-Fanciful Flowers - HOLLYHOCK

1-9-Fanciful Flowers_IRIS

2-10_Fanciful Flowers_JONQUIL

2-11-Fanciful Flowers KALANCHOE

2-12-Fanciful Flowers_LILAC

2-13-Fanciful Flowers_MAGNOLIA

2-14-Fanciful Flowers_NEMESIA

2-15-Fanciful Flowers_OXALIS

2-16-Fanciful Flowers - PHLOX

2-17_Fanciful Flowers_QUINCE BLOSSOM

2-18-Fanciful Flowers_ROSE

2-19-Fanciful Flowers_SNAPDRAGON

2-20-Fanciful Flowers_TULIP

3-21-Fanciful Flowers_UVA-URSI

3-22-Fanciful Flowers_VIOLET

3-23 Fanciful Flowers_WEIGELA

3-24-Fanciful Flowers_Xanthoceras

3-25_Fanciful Flowers_YELLOW WAXBELLS

Home is Where the Heart Is

Peace to This House

Welcome Sign One

Welcome Sign Three

Welcome Sign Two

Window Into Spring Sampler

02-Hospitality Sampler

One Word Frees Us

Good Morning, Cow! Collection


Blueberries in the Kitchen Memo Board

Blueberry Sampler

Good Morning

Patchwork Sampler Ornaments

Cherry Time Collection

Heartfelt Expressions

Birds of a Feather

Country Morning

Country Spring

Country Spring Collection

Bountiful Borders

Gathering Wildflowers

Jacobean Revival

Parade of Geese

Spring Lambs With Tulips


Chinese Blues

What's Included with each order

Each design in your order will include a color print of the finished piece; a large, easy-to-follow black and white chart with symbols and chart key; a color chart with color key; floss color numbers; project dimensions and fabric requirements; and backstitch information. Complete and clear directions are included for all the projects requiring sewing. And here and there you will find a special recipe, some gift suggestions, or seasonal how-to’s and special projects.

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